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About CULTURE by Kayode

CULTURE by Kayode is a well-established clothing brand. The concept of this project is to fuse traditional African patterns with urban style basics, helping to bring the beauty of African design to a wider audience.
Africa has a rich and vibrant culture, equally true of its traditional clothing which the pieces designed by ‘CULTURE by Kayode’ showcase.

Clothes do not only serve a practical purpose but are an expression of who we are. Every continent, country and culture in the world has its own style. In our exciting and expanding multicultural society where there is a natural blending of nations why not extend this to design. CULTURE by Kayode specifically aims to allow people to view Africa from another angle, through the blending of tradition and modernity.
The pieces we offer are not simply fashion items but serve as a nod to Africa, whether that may be pride in African heritage or an appreciation of the culture.